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HPC in the Cloud

Latest Developments in GPU, CUDA for HPC

Whats going on in the world of FPGA’sa for HPC

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DATE : Tuesday September 9th

TIME: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

LOCATION: WWT 4201 Forbes Blvd, Lanham Maryland 20706




Article by Joab Jackson the Technical Editor of Government Computer News on the event :



Today faster more dense HPC systems require a much faster data I/O storage systems. These systems must be easy to maintain and simple to upgrade. To meet the requirement of the HPC community these storage systems must be highly cost effective. The presentation will focus on these problems and the practical solutions for meeting these challenges.   

StorageWorks Enterprise NAS division’s Enterprise File Services, provides superior performance, linear scalability and mission critical availability over all other clustered files system solutions making it perfect for the HPC market.  With demonstrable performance of over 3 GB’s per second in a 16 node cluster, the NAS solution has differentiated itself as a market leader.  Incremental scalability – grow as you need to with capacity and performance independent of each other.  Add storage on the fly as well as performance nodes without interruption.  Drive high storage utilization while providing superior operational efficiency through unified backups. 


Lincoln’s Bio: 

Lincoln is a Federal Solutions Architect for Hewlett Packard’s Enterprise NAS Division. Lincoln has over 8 years of systems engineering and implementation experience and currently provides direction and support for a number of government installations. Lincoln and his family moved to the Columbia, MD in June of 2004.


Donald Becker and Mike Fitzmaurice

Donald Becker and Mike Fitzmaurice

The old Baltimore Washington Beowulf Users Group is now the New

HPC TECH FORUM. Under the new structure we will continue to provide some of the top speakers in the HPC community. We will expand the scope of the discussions to include pressing issues that were not problems a few years ago.


Infrastructure – Power and cooling issues


ManagementHPC as a managed service and remote offsite system administration and support


Financial – With Moore’s Law working on all eight cylinders and replacement cycles contracting, is it best to own or lease HPC Systems?


Cost of Operation – What are the challenges that control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?


Green HPC Systems – Is it practical to have Green HPC Systems?


Form Factor – Is the “pizza box” server in a “Death Spiral” soon to be replaced with high density blade servers which use less power and run cooler?


Interconnect – Will Infiniband be put on a “life support system” as it is being replaced with low latency 10 Gb

The Meetings will be held at World Wide Technology 4201 Forbes Blvd Lanham, MD 20706

Sep 9, 2008Oct 14, 2008Nov 11, 2008

Speakers and topic TBD






We are pleased to announce that Kevin Kelly Terascala  will be our special guest speaker.  January 8, 2008  at Georgetown University from 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Please join us for a very informative talk on low cost very high speed storage for High Performance Computing.

Meeting Location: 3300 Whitehaven Street, Washington DC 20007. (this is NOT at the main Georgetown U campus. This is an off campus building one block from Wisconsin avenue).

If you have suggestions  regarding speakers for the next meeting or meetings in the future please send them to

Attendess at the April 2007 meeting included Al Toussaint, Bill Silva, Mike Fitzmaurice, and Dick Glassbrook.At the April 2007 meeting, Bill Silva of Microsoft presented his company’s HPC offerings. Attendess at the April 2007 meeting included Al Toussaint, Bill Silva, Mike Fitzmaurice, and Dick Glassbrook.

Our next class in January 2007. Registration is now open.

Georgetown University’s Advanced Research Computing, in cooperation with the Baltimore Washington Beowulf User Group, is pleased to announce “Introduction to Beowulf Administering,” the first course in the High Performance and High Throughput Computing Series. This introductory course is geared toward Linux/Unix system administrators who want to learn how to design, build, and maintain Beowulf Clusters. For more course details and registration information, see the URL below or contact Jess Cannata directly.

December 5, The Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC

You are Invited to this Complimentary Executive Seminar

Traditionally, high-performance computing (HPC) has been the domain of the computer scientist, the research lab and a limited user group demanding unprecedented computational capability.

However, today the need to collect, process and analyze terabytes of data reach beyond the confines of real-time intelligence, modeling weather patterns, deciphering genomes and running flight simulators. An
increasing number of agencies have a need for the cutting-edge capabilities of scalable, ultra-fast computing.

Attend this Seminar and Learn

  • How government organizations are evaluating and deploying scalable, ultra-fast computing to meet growing requirements for analysis and modeling that reach well beyond recognized high-performance computing requirements
  • How the public sector is leveraging the price/performance potential of scalable, ultra-fast computing for data mining, customer relationship management (CRM), predictive and statistical analysis, business intelligence, large databases and more about the technology creating opportunities across government, including enhanced Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS) tools, which can be applied for faster, more energy-efficient computing

Take away best practices and lessons learned on how you can reconsider HPC strategies for your computing environment, with proven cases from a variety of government sectors.

Space is limited!

Reserve your seat today and enter the new year with a fresh perspective on ultra-fast, scalable computing to meet your critical agency mission and business requirements.

Your Registration Includes:

  • Networking breakfast
  • Admission to all sessions
  • Executive Seminar materials

For more information, visit the website or view the schedule.

Space is limited.

Register Today!