Donald Becker and Mike Fitzmaurice

Donald Becker and Mike Fitzmaurice

The old Baltimore Washington Beowulf Users Group is now the New

HPC TECH FORUM. Under the new structure we will continue to provide some of the top speakers in the HPC community. We will expand the scope of the discussions to include pressing issues that were not problems a few years ago.


Infrastructure – Power and cooling issues


ManagementHPC as a managed service and remote offsite system administration and support


Financial – With Moore’s Law working on all eight cylinders and replacement cycles contracting, is it best to own or lease HPC Systems?


Cost of Operation – What are the challenges that control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?


Green HPC Systems – Is it practical to have Green HPC Systems?


Form Factor – Is the “pizza box” server in a “Death Spiral” soon to be replaced with high density blade servers which use less power and run cooler?


Interconnect – Will Infiniband be put on a “life support system” as it is being replaced with low latency 10 Gb

The Meetings will be held at World Wide Technology 4201 Forbes Blvd Lanham, MD 20706

Sep 9, 2008Oct 14, 2008Nov 11, 2008

Speakers and topic TBD