2:30-5:00 PM

Meeting Location: 3300 Whitehaven Street, Washington DC 20007. (this is NOT at the main Georgetown U campus. This is an off campus building one block from Wisconsin avenue).

 Dail-In information: 1-888-296-6500  guest code  435 588

Meeting Attendees

Meeting Attendees

NetEffect is addressing the needs of this market with a family of 10 Gbps iWARP Ethernet Channel Adapters that meet the low latency and high data throughput requirements of high performance cluster computing.

NetEffect’s full iWARP Ethernet implementation supports all the node-to-node interconnect performance enhancement and overhead reduction requirements including RDMA, TCP Offload, and OS Bypass

Terry Hulett- Vice President of Architecture and Silicon EngineeringTerry leads NetEffect’s innovation efforts, leveraging more than 23 years of semiconductor design experience. Prior to joining Banderacom and NetEffect, he held key positions at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Motorola Semiconductor, leading several microprocessor development teams. At AMD, Terry led the development of over 15 chips and built AMD’s first high-volume card-based products. He joined Banderacom in 1999 where he successfully led the Company’s InfiniBand chip development program delivering the first product in 9 months. Terry also previously served as vice president of research and development for Austin-based Si Solutions, Inc. Terry received his BSEE at Oklahoma State University.