December 5, The Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC

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Traditionally, high-performance computing (HPC) has been the domain of the computer scientist, the research lab and a limited user group demanding unprecedented computational capability.

However, today the need to collect, process and analyze terabytes of data reach beyond the confines of real-time intelligence, modeling weather patterns, deciphering genomes and running flight simulators. An
increasing number of agencies have a need for the cutting-edge capabilities of scalable, ultra-fast computing.

Attend this Seminar and Learn

  • How government organizations are evaluating and deploying scalable, ultra-fast computing to meet growing requirements for analysis and modeling that reach well beyond recognized high-performance computing requirements
  • How the public sector is leveraging the price/performance potential of scalable, ultra-fast computing for data mining, customer relationship management (CRM), predictive and statistical analysis, business intelligence, large databases and more about the technology creating opportunities across government, including enhanced Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS) tools, which can be applied for faster, more energy-efficient computing

Take away best practices and lessons learned on how you can reconsider HPC strategies for your computing environment, with proven cases from a variety of government sectors.

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Reserve your seat today and enter the new year with a fresh perspective on ultra-fast, scalable computing to meet your critical agency mission and business requirements.

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Space is limited.

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